Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Roxy Finished and a new project

I managed to finish my portrait of Roxy a few days ago, but the photo I took was not so great so I did not bother posting it. I got it scanned in today, hopefully you all like it.

40x30cm, Graphite Pencil
Copyright Kristy Chappell 2010
I have started something new already and it is a bit different. It is an ACEO which is only 6*10cm. To give you a comparison of size, the portrait above of Roxy is 40*30cm. Trying to get a nice finish at this small size is going to take some practise!

 Black Pony ACEO WIP
74x105mm, Graphite Pencil
Copyright Kristy Chappell 2010

Hopefully I will get it finished tonight or tomorrow and get my next larger portrait started by the weekend.


  1. WOW! Very nice. I love the finished image of Roxy.

  2. Very beautiful! The detail is divine.

  3. The detail is fantastic, great artwork and Roxy does look great