Thursday, October 28, 2010

Disaster - Not really

You know there are times when you set out to do something and you end up with something else. This is exactly what has happened to my current piece of work. I started out with an idea but you know I just have not achieved it. I wanted it for a competition but it is just not right so instead of submitting it regardless I have decided to set it aside. I was reading an article today written by someone I consider a friend, she is a fellow artist who has some seriously fantastic talent. She said she burns anything that is no good, well I not going to burn it, but I have learnt a fair bit from it. Here is the last photo and lets not talk of it again!

Copyright Kristy Chappell 2010


  1. Kristy, that's a shame that you are not going to finish this piece as really do love how it was coming along. I especially enjoy the pose you chose of the cute dog looking up, almost as if he knows he did something wrong (seeing the deck of cards splattered on the floor). I guess many artists feel the same way you do from time to time and we learn from it and move on. I've done it to...

  2. Thanks Colette for stopping by. I think I will revisit this piece and start it over, I really like the idea and pose, but the fur is not soft enough I think. I am glad you like it, I think with a bit of different work it will be better. I hope =]