Monday, April 26, 2010

Lovely ARF girls

I have been trying to pull together some photos of the lovely rescue dogs at ARF before winter as the days get to short for taking photos and I travel a fair bit on the weekends.

Today as part of that I got to meet these three lovely girls. The first of these girls is Jess. Jess is one of the most lovely dogs I have met, super friendly and happy, with a gorgeous smile. Jess is pretty active and loves playing with her other doggy companions as well as checking out all the humans around to see if they want to play as well. More info on Jess is avalible here

The next two littlies are not available for adoption yet. They are both lovely friendly girls who I had a great time with. The first is KC, a lovely little staff type who is just recovering from a skin condition. The second is Tess, she has not been in foster care for long, but already she is settling in nicely.

Over the weekend I have been working on my current piece, I should have an update tomorrow!

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