Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quick Update

Possibly someone out there might be wondering what I have been doing. Well I have started some new work which I will post up soon, but my weekends have mainly been taken  up by going to local shows and trying to capture some dogs and horse for referance in my drawings. I thought I might share a couple from today at the Canberra Royal




Looks like they where all having great fun and I can't wait till the day that I can take Yuki to something like Agility or Flyball I think she would love it.


  1. You've captured their eagerness well! Love the bottom one haha

  2. They were all super cute and it was a great day. I got some awesome superman leap shots in the flyball. Staffy types seem to be into the superman leaps, if I had on in flyball I would be hardpressed to not put a little cape on him. hehe

    It would be a bit hard to miss their eagerness, 99% of the dogs were so totally into it, it was fantastic! I think yuki would love it.