Saturday, May 25, 2013

How Time Flies

WOW l have not posted to this blog in over a year. Most of you probably think I had dissapeared for ever.
Luckily all I did was buy a house and have a beautiful baby.Lots of artwork has been going on though, which I will post over the next few days. Also I got a new tablet which allows me to post photo which is also a contributing factor to this post and hopefully alot more this year!


  1. congratulations on all counts!

    I've been a bit lax about blogging also - mainly because we've been travelling recently and its not so easy to keep up - especially when sharing the travel laptop with hubby ...

    look forward to seeing some artwork soon

  2. I feel your pain, especially sharing which is the main reason I got a tablet but none of them seem to handle blogspot well so I fear I might have to switch to wordpress