Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shimmer, still a work in progress

Well I still working on Shimmer as I am finding it quite a difficult portrait to complete. I have to spend quite a bit of time away from it before i come back as the details are quite difficult to pin down since she is a lovely all white dog, being a large portrait also focusing on the fine details in one area only means you can lose track of the whole thing if you do not pull away often enough. Determination will win through with this one though. I just wish I did not have to work full time as well!

Shimmer 30x40 cm, graphite pencil
Copyright Kristy Chappell 2011


  1. Hi Kristy
    Just stumbled across your Blog via Grahame's site. You have some beautiful work here and I look forward to watching progress on this one
    Sue x

  2. Thanks heaps Sue. I hope to get this one finished off very soon!