Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Something a bit diffrent

I started something a bit different a few days ago. I visited my parents on the weekend and took some shot of some of the flowers around their garden. I decided I might try my hand at drawing some cyclamen. I did not really like the background in the actual photo so I tried blacking the background to see if I can get the flowers to stand out a bit. We will see how it ends up, sometimes you just have to try something to see how it goes. I hoped to get this done before I head to London on Saturday but unfortuantly I don't think it will get done as I need to pack tomorrow. Be sure to stay tuned into the blog thought for the next few weeks as I will be posting updates on my journey around the alps and the UK!

Cyclomon WIP
22x11cm, Graphite Pencil
Copyright Kristy Chappell 2009

1 comment:

  1. hey Kristy!

    very nice work! I really love all your work
    its great to see another artist's work

    good on ya!
    keep going